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    Resuming parent conversation

    Louis Coetzee Apprentice


      I have been stuggling a bit to resume my parent conversation after the end of a nested (inner) conversation. I have seen quite a bit of postings regarding the topic but as yet I have not been able to resume my parent conversation.

      I have the following scenario:
      I am in a current conversation (say conversation id=1). From the interface I invoke an action method annotated with a @Begin(nested=true), thus starting my nested conversation with id =2. In conversation 2 I touch some of the previously outjected instances (from conversation 1). At some point I end the conversation (2) returning to a page via a rule in my faces-config. I end the conversation with the annotation @End(beforeRedirect=true). This ends the conversation and destroys the components (as used in this conversation, as well as the component which I have touched). When returning to the page I want to use a factory method to reload the component which now got destroyed with the inner conversation. I have annotated a Factory method to reload my instance (which also use the components which was outjected in conversation 1).

      Unfortunately I run into a problem with the resumption of my parent conversation. When the Factory method gets invoked (after the ending and redirecting in conversation 2) none of the components associated with conversation 1 is available, almost indicating to me that the parent conversation has not been resumed (yet).

      The above idea is based on my understanding as described in:


      Any ideas of how to rejoin the parent conversation ?