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    Using the microcontainer with TestNG


      Where can I find current instructions for using the Microcontainer and the TestNG with Seam? I have used the instructions in the readme in the registration example, but apparently those are out of date.
      Specifically, I am having a problem having Seam finding my components. If (and only if) my components are in my project's default output folder, Seam finds the component. However, my project has multiple source folders and therefore multiple build folders, so this will not work. I have tried putting the components.xml file in either my src or class folders, but it doesn't work. When I try to run it this way, I see the -Component message come up with my component, but not the DefaultInterceptorMarker one, and Seam fails to find it at Compnent.getInstance.

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          OK, I have the answer. You do not need to put the seam.properties file in the root of your classes directory. You just have to make sure that you use the same output folder for your resources folder as you are using for the source folder.