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    Generate datatable without id and style class on td element

    Dario Iorfida Newbie

      I have some tables with a large number of columns (almost all with numeric values) and their rendering is slow since the generated HTML is big (about 100KB for a table with 10 rows), and the network connection speed is not very fast.
      I'd like to produce a smaller HTML table, with td element without any id and style information. Basically, from:

      <td class="dr-table-cell rich-table-cell centered_column" id="j_id86:tp:tf:d2:tableSF:0:j_id164">0</td>


      However, I'd like to continue to use rich:dataTable component, since I need its sorting features, data scroller and so on.
      Is there a way to achieve this result?
      Thank you,