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    IFrame in tab panel

    k dcosta Newbie


      In our application we have a html tree menu. On click of each file(tree node) it shows the source of the corresponding file as html page. For this i have a tab in which i have included a IFrame to show a html page. Upon selection of the file in the tree, using javascript a button is clicked and an action is called to read the source file form the location and then will write as a html page to the desired location and show in that IFrame.

      First time the source is coming but when i click the second file, it shows the source of previous one. I refresh the IFrame on each load. And also i gave a thread.sleep of 1 sec before in order to make sure that the html file is created. But the problem still exist. I tried by increasing the sleep but still the same problem.

      If anyone have any idea, plz help me with this.