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    Maurice Zeijen Master

      I am pretty new to I18N in Java. The only place where I ever use it is in the WebObjects website at my work. So I have a question about it.

      In WebObjects I can create multiple i18n files of the same language. In WebObjects it works a little different in that you define a complete directory for a certain language. Using the file name (without extension) as a sort of category name I can put my error messages in the error.plist file (.plist is the extionsion to use in WebObjects), my form label names in formLabel.plist and so on.

      I read this in the seam documentation:

      If you define your labels in this special resource bundle, you'll be able to use them without having to type <f:loadBundle ... /> on every page.

      What I understand from this is that I can define only one internationalization file if I want to use the power of Seam. Am I right or am I missing something.