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    Use of TaskInstanceList

    mlsreekanth Newbie

      Hello all,

      I am trying out Jboss Seam to use in an enterprose scale application. I am able to use conversations and jbpm based page flows.

      While using TaskInstanceList i faced the following problem.

      I have a requirement that starttask and endtask has to be invoked on two different event handers (methods of session bean). So, i created a concersational session bean and started the conversation with a xhtml page that uses TaskInstanceList to get all the tasks for the user. This page is the first page for the conversation. When i created command links to another page to propogate the taskinstance to another page (as used in ToDO list example), it is raising an error that "There is no TaskInstance associated with current context". As there is no such as example in the jboss-seam distribution, i request the community to shed some light on this issue(may be usage).

      Thanks in advance,