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    DataModelSelection is null

    Neil Lane Newbie


      I am getting a wiered NullPointer Exception when selecting an item from the @DataModelSelection

      I Have the following:

      private List<Envelope> inboxEnvelopes;

      private Envelope selectedInboxEnvelope;

      I am cloning the Bookings example and have returned and displayed the objects in a dataTable with an s;link to the method selectItem()

      The SelectItem() method runs

      envelope = em.merge(inboxEnvelopeSearch.getSelectedInboxEnvelope());

      I have set all the @Out to not be required and the @In for the class that performs the database search to return the DataModel List to also be required=false.

      @In(required = false)
       private InboxEnvelopeSearch inboxEnvelopeSearch;

      Otherwise I get :

      In attribute requires value for component

      Any ideas