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    ReRender loses formatting for f:convertNumber

    Jonathan Moores Newbie

      Working with 3.2.2SR1 and I have the following:

      <h:outputText value="#{item.prijs}" style="font-size:large;font-weight:bold;float:right" rendered="#{sessionBean.currentUser.showPricesDefault}">
       <f:convertNumber pattern="€ ##0.00" />

      The first time this is display it will display : € 91.00
      After any re-render it reduces to: 91.00

      If I reload the whole page (page refresh) I get the proper format again.

      I also tried using a more traditional:
      <f:convertNumber type="currency" currencySymbol="€" maxFractionDigits="2" minFractionDigits="2" minIntegerDigits="2" groupingUsed="true" />

      Note: € = EURO symbol

      Has anyone seen this before? or perhaps I doing it wrong?