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    variable binding problem

    Todd Main Newbie

      I'm suddenly having trouble binding <h:inputText> values to the a bean when the submit button is activated.

      Some details:
      1. action listener is a Session scope EJB session
      2. the bean in question is an object I'm using to hold user inputs for searching. It is marked like this in the session bean:

      @In(required = false)
      private AlertFilter alertFilter;

      3. If I preset a value in the bean (alert filter), the value is displayed in the input field on the page.

      4. Nothing that I enter on the page is making it to the bean (alert filter) when I submit (<h:commandButton action=#{alertSession.search} value="Search" />)

      5. The input fields are simple:

      <h:inputText value="#{alertFilter.senderName}" />

      I'm trying to avoid posting all of the code, as the classes have a lot of other junk in them. I'm hoping someone can spot the problem by the clue that the input fields will display the contents of the bean but anything typed into the fields go into the bit bucket when I submit.

      BTW, I'm using Facelets with the Tomahawk xml descriptor referenced from faces-config.xml.

      Let me know if I need to post my config files.