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    Stubs for Seam

    flo thomas Newbie

      I have a class annotated with @Remote, now I wanted to build the client stubs so that I can connect to the server, but the rmic tool doesn't seem to recognize the @Remote, it tells me that remote isn't implemented... is there a new way to generate stubs for the client side?

      Another question: is there any info out there how to use Seam for Web Services?


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          I'm not an expert at all on this subject, but what do you try to achieve with 'using seam for webservices' ?

          From the seam homepage:

          JBoss Seam is a powerful new application framework to build next generation Web 2.0 applications by unifying and integrating popular service oriented architecture (SOA) technologies like Asynchronous JavaScript and XML(AJAX), Java Server Faces(JSF), Enterprise Java Beans(EJB3), Java Portlets and Business Process Management(BPM) and workflow.

          The first two, AJAX and JSF, have noting to do with webservices. For ejb3, there is jsr-181, for portlets there is WSRP, for bpm there is bpel (if not in the workflow context) and for jBPM (workflow) a webservice frontend is being developed.