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    Auto Refresh Portlet & Seam

    Chua Khoon Yong Novice

      dear all,

      I'm try to refresh a web page so that it could periodically update its latest info to the user. The web page (.xhtml) would retrieve the info from java beans, and format properly according to the facelets layout.

      I was thinking that i could refresh the page using javascript to call the following method (testing.Testing). Inside testing.Testing, it would retrieve the latest info from DB and then return to original .xhtml page to display the info.

      <h:form id="helloForm">
      <h:commandButton type="submit" id="submit" action="#{testing.Testing}" value="Submit" />

      How to use javascript to auto submit?
      I'm using Portlet + Seam + facelets

      If there is a better way, please also advise.
      Thank you very much.