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    im able to fire a drl file as a string such that the entrie

    Venkatraman ganesan Newbie

      i am able to fire drl file as a string such that the string is in a single line but not a drl file as below,

      package com.sample; import com.sample.BackDated; global com.sample.updateBDNB t; expander Back.dsl; rule "BACK DATE_3" when There is an application with "NB" There is a privilege of "BackDatedNB" then Backdated is allowed for "3" days end

      It throws me the following error,

      org.drools.rule.InvalidRulePackage: unknown:0:-1 mismatched token: [@0,0:0='<no text>',<-1>,0:-1]; expecting type EOL

      at org.drools.rule.Package.checkValidity(Unknown Source)
      at org.drools.reteoo.RuleBaseImpl.addPackage(Unknown Source)
      at com.sample.DroolsBDNB.main(DroolsBDNB.java:66)