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    best practices with pages.xml

    Samuel Mendenhall Apprentice

      I need advice on best practices. Here is what I want to accomplish. I am trying to implement a page that shows all registered users, that also has pagination. Well, when the user clicks on the showUsers.jsf link, the List of users should be initially populated.

      Here is what I'm doing now and the problem I'm having. I definted an action in pages.xml so when the showUsers.jsp is accessed, the bean's firstPage method is accessed like in one of the seam examples.

      PROBLEM: When I click the nextPage action for pagination, the nextPage gets invoked THEN the firstPage because the pages.xml kicks in.

      So how do I resolve this problem of the pages.xml getting invoked everytime I click any action on the showUsers page? Is there a better method to do what I want?