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    Understanding conversations

    James Hoffa Newbie


      I'm new to seam and I am trying to get conversations to work.
      My problem concerns two jsf pages and one bean.

      in the 1. jsf page I simply call the bean:
      <s:link value="letsgo" action="#{actions.letsGo}"/>

      the bean is supposed to be conversational:

      public class Actions implements Serializable{
       public String letsGo() {
       return "showit";
       public String showItAgain() {
       return "showit";

      in my 2. jsf page I call
      <s:link value="again" action="#{actions.showItAgain}"/>

      so it just redisplays the page, to see if the conversation id changes on redisplay.
      the funny thing is, it does change. Each time I hit "again" the conversation id increases.
      Now, if I go back to my first jsf and call letsGo again, the conversation id only increases one time and after that it stays the same. I thought this should be the right behaviour from the start??

      What am I missing?

      thank you!