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    Question about Seam component properties and it's lifecycle

    hdslkf hklsdg Apprentice

      We're in a Seam component (e.g. Stateful Session Bean) and it's got the following property:

      @In @Out private Whatever property;

      From RESTORE_VIEW(1) till the end of PROCESS_VALIDATIONS(3) the property is null.
      Then it gets injected before UPDATE_MODEL_VALUES(4) and keeps its state till the end of RENDER_RESPONSE(6).
      After that it becomes null again and the whole cycle repeats.

      Is this assumption right? :)

      I had problems with a method which generated SelectItems. After choosing an item (or items) in a selectMenu the selected values are compared to the SelectItems again in PROCESS_VALIDATION(3) phase. So my method got called twice (before and after selection by the user). But since that method uses an injected value (which was null in (3)) it failed ;).