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    Why I can run seam registration app without started JBoss se

    Alex Kwedeer Newbie

      So - I has old tomcat installation (o port 8080) and now - jBoss EJB3 clustered server (on 8080 as well). I have managed to deploy registration seam application (JSF and EJB3!!!, there was requirement in tutorial to out the right path in build.properties of seam samples) - and resulting files are copied into tomcat webapps. So - when JBoss is started then no tomcat applications including registration is available (only the jmx-console is present - but it is purely JBoss ). But when JBoss is down and Tomcat is runnning then - registration works fine. Why - it uses at least stateless session EJB - so - can it can be run without EJB3 container from JBoss???

      When Tomcat is running and I am starting JBoss - the there is errors on JBoss console that port 8080 is bound already? But JBoss is not starting tomcat automatically!!!

      I made web installation and it was without errors. Besides - when I had simply downloaded JBoss and run - then I had access to jBoss web-console, but now - after web installation from the very beginnin - JBoss cann't found web-console appliation.

      So - how to use tomcat and JBoss together (it would be better to use only one of them, the best one :))).

      Thanks for any kind of hints, experience in advance!