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    Calling a method from within code that has @CreateProcess do

    Amit Sachde Newbie

      I have a business process that is called from a method that is invoked from a pageflow. If I add @CreateProcess to the method which is invoked from the pageflow the process starts and variables are available on the page.

      HOWEVER if I want to use the variables in the SLSB or POJO I cant seem to get access to them. If I extract the creation of the new process then the process gets created but I have to signal it and I dont have access to any of the processInstance or the token! What's the SEAM way of doing so.

      1) PageFlow has
      < action expression="#{login.logmein}" / >

      2) My POJO method is declared as
      public String logmein()

      3) My variable is declared as
      public CustomerBean getCust() {
      return cust;

      4) My JSF has
      < h:outputText value="#{login.cust.streetaddress}"/ >

      5) Alternatively I could remove the @CreateProcess and write the following code where I do have programatic access to the altered cust variable
      org.jbpm.graph.exe.ProcessInstance pi = JbpmConfiguration.getInstance().createJbpmContext().getGraphSession().findLatestProcessDefinition("asyncProcess").createProcessInstance();
      Token token = pi.getRootToken();
      pi.getContextInstance().setVariable("cust", cust);

      CustomerBean cc = (CustomerBean) pi.getContextInstance().getVariable("cust");

      But that does not seem like the SEAM way of doing things.

      1) If I extract the code that calls @CreateProcess to a separate method the jbpm process "acts" like a async process and needs a signal to start
      public String logmein()

      private createSyncProcess() {

      In this case the pageflow continues, old values are shown on the page and process never kicksoff!

      Any info would be appreciated.