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    Inside Working Memory

    Elango M Newbie

      I have sucessfully ran the sample examples given by drools but i dont undesratnd what happens(Internally) when fireRules method is being called.

      Take for Instance the HonestPoliticain Example i assert some five Politicain Objects into the working memory.After that i just call fire rules.Can anyone explain how the code executes.


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          Shane Bryzak Master

          From what I understand, fireAllRules() itself doesn't really do much. Most of the actual rule evaluation work occurs while you're asserting objects into the working memory. Here's a snippet from the JBoss Rules documentation:

          "Assertion" is the act of telling the working memory about the facts. WorkingMemory.assertObject(yourObject) for example. When you assert a fact, it is examined for matches against the rules etc. This means ALL of the work is done during assertion; however, no rules are executedl you call "fireAllRules()" after you have finished asserting your facts. This is a common misunderstanding by people who think the work happens when you call "fireAllRules()".

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            Mark Proctor Apprentice

            If you use the audit view you can see exactly what is happenig. All the work is done during the working memory action phase (see 2 phase system in the manual). All fireAlRules() does is tell the rule that is at the top of the agenda to fire.