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    JSF f:subview rendered attribute ignored

    ngeadah Newbie

      Hi All,

      I'm posting this here since I know that the "rendered" attribute of the JSF "subview" tag works fine in normal circumstances, but since I started using Seam it has stopped working!

      In a JSP, I have the following:

      <f:subview id="mySubView1" rendered="#{form.submissionType == 'VA5'}">
       <jsp:include flush="false" page="test.jsp"/>

      And even though I know for a fact that the expression "form.submissionType == 'VA5'" is evaluated to false, the contents of the jsp include still gets rendered!

      I know my expression is correct since I use the exact same condition on an h:outputText tag, for example and rendering behaves perfectly as expected.

      Is there something that Seam might be doing to get in the way of the rendered attribute of subview tags?