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    UTF-8 problem within JSF

    asdfasdg asdg Newbie

      Hi there,
      I have a UTF-8 problem within my seam application,
      Basically viewing my test.jsf shows me two byte UTF-8 character in plain text. encoded as #195;¶ for a german ö, instead it would be nice to have the correct htmlcode for ö which is ;ouml i guess.
      So here is what I have done....

      I have confirmed that the String withing the Bean is correct UTF-8.
      I have content="text/html; charset=utf-8" within my header.
      I have jboss set to UTF-8 charset by default, and confirmed that defaultcharset is UTF-8
      I have added the following to my web.xml.

      <!-- Encoding to UTF-8 -->

      <filter-name>Seam Character Encoding</filter-name>

      <filter-name>Seam Character Encoding</filter-name>

      Is there anything more I have to do to get UTF-8 in jsf working?