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    Trouble With Reverse Engineering and javax.ejb.Interceptors

    Will Warren Newbie

      I am having trouble with Seam reverse engineering and the javax.ejb.Interceptors class. When I reverse engineer a MySQL schema, the code generator produces code that requires javax.ejb.Interceptors. Since I can't find an instance of this class anywhere, I can't compile my generated application with the generated ant deploy task of the generated build.xml.

      1) How can I get the reverse engineering tool to generate code that does not use javax.ejb.Interceptors? I checked the Seam example apps (all of which I can compile, deploy and run without problems) and NONE of them use javax.ejb.Interceptors.


      2) Where can I find an instance of javax.ejb.Interceptors that I can compile against? I have installed JBoss AS using the JEM-installer but can't find where there might be an instance of this class.

      I am using Ecllipse 3.2 with the latest Calipso extension (including WTP 1.5) and the latest version of the JBoss Exlipse IDE as well as the latest version of the Seam distribution.

      Thanks for your help,

      Will Warren