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    Seam Booking, getEJBLocalHome runTime Exception

    Paul Pantages Novice

      Hello Seamers, I am looking at Seam. I have some trouble and wonder if this might be related. I see this exception on the seam debugger's component properties, when running the seam-booking demo:

      java.lang.RuntimeException[Could not resolve beanClass method from proxy call: public abstract javax.ejb.EJBLocalHome javax.ejb.EJBLocalObject.getEJBLocalHome() throws javax.ejb.EJBException]

      This is in the HotelSearch and BookingList components.
      A similar excption is listed for primaryKey field.
      I see this also in my own application (again in seam debugger) and wondered if it indicated a real problem. I am new to seam/jboss/jsf/facelets etc.

      Thanks, PdP