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    Multi protocol, event oriented applications and Seam

    fram Newbie

      I've been reading the documentation and browsing the code base of the project and I like very much the notion of session introduced by the Seam framework.
      I'd like to know your opinion about the applicability of Seam in a context more etherogenous than the Web. What I've in mind is a J2EE framework that allows to cope with several network protocol like XMPP, SIP, Diameter, Http, etc... for Multimedia application.
      One of the main problem with JEE when you deal with multiple event sources is that there isn't a well defined way to create a session at runtime and shared this session across multiple event sources inside your application.

      I have an application that is using the sip protocol and XMMP protocol, the application recieve a series of events by both sources. These event can be order and grouped using a session concept (i.e. the signaling events related to a phone call, the events associated with a chat session).

      Seam looks like a good candidate to address this scenario, what do you think?

      For this kind of event oriented application a good solution is provided by JSLEE that with the concept of resource adaptor and activity allows the application to receive events related to different sessions. Do you think that it makes sense to bridge Seam and JSLEE in order to share session data between the JEE and the JSLEE container?

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