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    Create component from pageflow

    David G. Newbie

      I can't create a component within a seam pageflow:
      The following code works if the 'contactAction' seam component has already been created, for example when viewing a facelet using it.

      <start-page name="contactPage" view-id="/pages/contacto/index.seam">
       <transition name="sendMessage" to="evaluateMessageSent">
       <action expression="#{contactAction.sendMessage}"/>
       <decision name="evaluateMessageSent" expression="#{contactAction.messageSent}">
       <transition name="true" to="messageSentPage"/>
       <transition name="false" to="messageFailPage" />
       <!-- Pages -->
       <page name="messageSentPage" view-id="/pages/contacto/messageSent.seam">
       <page name="messageFailPage" view-id="/pages/contacto/messageFail.seam">
       <redirect />
       <end-conversation />

      Is it possible to invoke #{contactAction} from a pageflow when that component hasn't been created?