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    Advice needed re: session timeouts

    Joe DeStefano Newbie


      When the user lets the session time out in mid conversation (editing an entry selected from a list), then comes back and clicks the Save button, they have to log in again and then are sent back to the edit view, but (of course) all the components are lost. Because of the way my app is structured (just like the issues example app, in this particular), this causes my app to think it is now creating a new entity, rather than editing an existing one. Even worse, it depends on some other scoped components already existing, which of course now they don't, so the next button click crashes.

      What is (or are) the best practice(s) for handling session timeouts in a Seam conversation? I'd love to be able to redirect them to a "Sorry, you took too long page" instead of redisplaying the view in "create mode," so to speak. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

      Thanks for any advice,