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    Some latin characteres are not rendered properly

    Richard Leherpeur Novice


      I'm using jboss-seam-1.0.1.GA CVS build 20060917.

      The problem I'm dealing with might not be due to Seam but to JSF. I'm not sure so I thought I'd ask.

      In a properties file, I have all the french translation of the english properties.
      Let say I have the following string in the english file:

      SUMMER = summer

      and in the french one:

      SUMMER = été

      The internationalization works fine, but when I try to create a javascript variable that will hold that value doing the following:

      var test = "#{messages.SUMMER}";

      This will render the following:
      var test = "&# 233;t&# 233;"; // with no space between &# and 233.

      Also if I create a remote method that gives me back that string, I get the same &# 233;t&# 233; instead of été.

      When using a <h:outputText> tag inside a view tag, it works fine.

      The xhtml file starts by
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
      So it should be fine I thought.

      Any clue about what's going on?