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    Gavin King Master


      I think you'll like the new <s:decorate/> tag in Seam CVS. Check the booking and blog example applications.


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          Maurice Zeijen Master

          What does it do?

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            Pete Muir Master

            Is there going to be a beta/release candidate for 1.1?

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              Gavin King Master


              "mzeijen" wrote:
              What does it do?

              It is used for decorating form fields when validation fails. There are several facets: "beforeInvalidField", "afterInvalidField", "aroundInvalidField", (along with "beforeField", "afterField", "aroundField") that let you put decorations before, after, or around fields when a failure occurs.


               <f:facet name="beforeInvalidField">
               <h:graphicImage value="/attention.jpg"/>
               <f:facet name="afterInvalidField">
               <f:facet name="aroundInvalidField">
               <s:span styleClass="errors"/>
               <s:decorate>Name: <h:inputText value="#{customer.name}" required="true"/></s:decorate>
               <h:inputText value="#{customer.address}" required="true">
               <h:inputText value="#{customer.email}"/>

              Then, when one of the fields is invalid, it will be shown in red with an image before it and the validation message after it.

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                Gavin King Master


                "petemuir" wrote:
                Is there going to be a beta/release candidate for 1.1?

                There will be a beta in October.

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                  Richard Leherpeur Novice

                  That's great news! Exactly what I needed. I started thinking how I would implement this, I guess I can just wait for this new feature then :)
                  Thanks a lot.


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                    Carsten Hoehne Master

                    i like to test <s:decorate/>
                    But i have some problems with building and using the latest seam jars.
                    When i execute the build and testcore targets this error occur in the tests

                    [testng] FAILED: org.jboss.seam.test.ContextTest.testContexts()
                    [testng] java.lang.IllegalStateException: No active application context

                    When i want to use the generated jars, i get a 'class not found' exception.
                    So i had to copy the newest thirdparty-all.jar into my app.
                    After deploying this new app is in the correct place.
                    But the CNF for net.sf.proxy.Factory does not vanish.
                    My questions:
                    What is the correct nightly build for testing s:decorate?
                    Can i use the cvs-version?
                    Is there something i apparently missed?

                    The building and using of seam in the past was no problem to me. I just does what it should.