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    Seam Remoting. How can I get list of Objects?

    Sergey Skalchihin Newbie

      How can I see in the Reference (Chapter 7), I can get "result" by :

      function sayHello() {
      var name = prompt("What is your name?");
      Seam.Component.getInstance("helloAction").sayHello(name, sayHelloCallback);
      function sayHelloCallback(result) {

      If "result" is a simple Java type or JavaBean annotated as "@Enity" - ok!
      But if "result" is a
      ("SomeObject" is not @Entity. It's a simple JavaBean(2 fields, setters and getters)), when I'll take "result" as Javascript Array filled VOID objects ... What can I do for avoid that?

      Thanx for attention ...