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    How to make a shared yes/no or ok/cancel page

    Philip Planinsky Newbie


      I am not sure if this is the right place for this question...
      apologies if my post is off topic here.

      Does anyone have ideas how to create a shared yes/no xhtml page?
      say, we have yes and no buttons and there action is not predetermined.
      For example, once you want yes button to invoke USER deletion action.
      The next time you want yes button to invoke CITY deletion action.
      (say USER and CITY are some entities).
      I have tried to
      <h:commandButton id="yesButton" value="Yes" action="#{yesButton}"/>
      where I set 'yesButton' variable in the context, prior going to the yes no page.

      Contexts.getConversationContext().set("yesButton", "#{userEditor.deleteUser}");

      No success.

      Many thanks,