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    ui:param value="#{..." works with h:commandButton not with s

    Leo Baschy Novice

      I can give more details, but for now my analysis is this:

      In a set of .xhtml files,
      I have in on .xhtml a
      with a
      <ui:param name="somename" value="#{something}" />
      and in another .xhtml in the (hence included)
      many things work right, e.g. in text output the
      converts correctly to a String,
      and more importantly in a
      I have a correctly working
      <h:commandButton action="#{somename.actionmethod}

      But it doesn't work in
      <s:link action="#{somename.actionmethod}

      And also I notice I can't do injection into an existing action bean.

      I can't parametrize the return of the action (or the action).

      This is frustrating because it works with the h:commandButton but doesn't work with the s:link.

      Debugging source code seems (not sure) to indicate that it can't find anything bound to somename.

      Any place in source code where I can extend the search to include maybe the FacesContext? Both for s:link and for injection? Two places? Am I totally off?