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    Understanding... Bijection

    johnurban Newbie

      I have read the seam_reference.pdf (pg 51-52) regarding Bijection.

      Just wanted to run a concept by and see if I am implementing the Seam framework correctly.

      - user logs in and gets authenticated via the login stateful session bean
      - I have a user object that is an attribute of the login stateful session bean
      - I will @Out that user object to the context by simply using the @Out
      - now, because the user has access, I will redirect output to a new screen that needs some attributes from the user object (ie.. companyID) to lookup some company info
      - I can now @In a varible called user in my welcome stateless session bean and I now automatically have the user object that I just stored in the login stateful session bean.

      Is my understand correct?