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    Code generation problem - Seam

    Jan Peti Newbie

      Hello I tried to follow the tutorial video for Seam which is in the Hibernate section on jboss.org.
      Everything went good only the starting of the server after the ant build proces showed me this:
      Pls help...

      Btw. then you create a seam app with the hibernate tools there is a chance to write the package. After you run the code generation the java files are in the directory src.my.package.stuff but the package is only my.package.stuff and eclipse shows error in package line.After you write src. before the my.package.stuff the error is gone.
      So dont know if I have to change something or let the error visible?

      Maybe this also have to do with the previous problem...

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          Georges Berscheid Newbie

          1. By default you have commons-logging.jar in your {jboss.home}/server/default/lib directory. Leave it there and the exception will be gone. Same for javax.servlet.jar.

          2. When you create your Java project in Eclipse, create your source directory in /src and your output directory in /build. In that case the code will generate correctly.

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            Jan Peti Newbie

            sorry, I didnt understand the 1. answer... I have the default installation of jboss AS so by default i have these two files in that directory allready. The exception has been caught with these two files in that directory.
            Should I delete these two files from that directory?