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    SeamPhaseListener question for Seam newbie

    William Huang Newbie

      On the SeamPhaseListener class, at the beginning for beforePhase() method, it calls Lifecycle.setPhaseId(event.getPhaseId()). Then at the end of the afterPhase() method, it calls Lifecycle.setPhaseId(null);

      What if the call Lifecycle.setPhaseId(null) is omitted or removed from the afterPhase() method, what is the side-affect of this?

      I am asking this because I recently integrated Seam into my application which already has some Apache Shale Remoting feature, the Shale remoting features is broken after the Seam integration. I tested a temporary patch by extending the SeamPhaseListener and override the afterPhase() method like this.

       public void afterPhase(PhaseEvent p_event) {
       //Patch for Shale Remoting error