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    refresh a rich:menuGroup

    alvaro tovar Newbie

      hello i hace a rich:menuGroup that run ok, but some action delete elemnts of this, i call a method to recalculate the rich:menuGroup but the getMethod for the binding of the rich:menuGroup is not called, only the first time is called. i try with scope of bean request and session and not,
      i am using

      <rich:dropDownMenu value="Mis criterios de búsqueda" direction="bottom-right" jointPoint="bl" styleClass="notaBoton">
       <rich:menuItem value="Nuevo" action="#{reoffermanager.newFilter}"/>
       <rich:menuItem value="Guardar actual" onselect="TrPanelPopup.showPopup('form_panelPopupSave_popupContainer', 'form_panelPopupSave', event, 'click','centered',true,0,0,0,0); return false;">
       <f:facet name="icon">
       <h:graphicImage value="/icons/disk.png" />
       <rich:menuItem value="Eliminar actual" action="#{reoffermanager.deleteFilter}"/>
       <rich:menuGroup binding="#{menuBean.listFilterMap}" value="Mis "
       styleClass="notaBoton" id="selectFilter" />


       HtmlMenuGroup item1 = (HtmlMenuGroup) app.createComponent(HtmlMenuGroup.COMPONENT_TYPE);
       item1.setValue("Mis Criterios");
       log.info("se esta creando la lista de menu con tamaño "+neededBean.getListFilter2().size());
       for (int i=0;i<neededBean.getListFilter2().size();i++) {
       HtmlMenuItem item = (HtmlMenuItem) app.createComponent(HtmlMenuItem.COMPONENT_TYPE);
       Interest si=(Interest) neededBean.getListFilter2().get(i);
       Integer id=si.getInterestedId();
       Class[] params = {};
       MethodExpression actionExpression = app.getExpressionFactory().createMethodExpression(ctx.getELContext(),
       String.class, params);
       String onSelect = "aler(this,"+id+");";
       // String onSelect = "open(this,'" + map.get(key).toString() + "')";
       // item.setOnselect(onSelect);
       return item1;

      i just verify that the new menugroup is create when is called a delete method but the getlistFilterMap is not called.

      i look this
      but is fixed in 3.2.1

      i don't know what happend, if some can helpme, will be great