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    Using Seam with JBoss Embeddable EJB 3.0. Any advice?



      I want to use Seam in an application that runs outside of a Servlet container. I'm looking for pointers on how best to do this.

      My application will be a REST based API service. It needs to interact with my existing EJB3 beans which are Seam components.

      My intention is to use the Restlet API with a lightweight HTTP server, such as Simple, along with the Embeddable EJB 3.0 configuration. I've got this working fine, my problem is how to add, start-up and use Seam in this environment.

      I've been using Seam for many months and I'm familiar with using it within JBoss AS. I understand that using Seam away from JSF will remove much of the functionality of Seam. I'm prepared to code around this and perhaps I'll need to simulate some JSF phases (as in Seam testing examples).

      My questions are:

      1) How should I initialise Seam with Embeddable EJB 3.0?
      2) How best to avoid issues related to not having JSF around?
      3) Do I need to add to or replace any core Seam classes?
      4) Any other advice?

      Many thanks in advance for your help,