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    The Seam Lifecycle

    flo thomas Newbie

      I have some questions regarding the Seam lifecycle. I have some @Service annotated EJBs, i.e. Singletons, because they are pretty resource intensive, they parse large XML files etc. (is this the best approach btw for this task? - i hear traditional Singletons are evil in a container because the statics are often not cleaned up when redeploying...), but I also wanted to use some Seam functionality (like Injection) in these Services, e.g. the @Log annotation. However, when I try to access the Logger in the start() method, it throws a NullPE. It's understandable, since Seam doesn't seem to be "started" at that point - is there a work-around for that? It seems to me that Seam should support the @Service annotation...