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    Converter breaks conversation

    Endre Midtgaard Meckelborg Newbie


      I have a conversation to approve some corrections done in the database. Everything is done within the same Seam component annotated with @Conversational.

      The component is initialized with a method "beginApprovement()" annotated with "@Begin(join = true)". This method fetches the needed data to approve, and initializes currect record etc. before displaying the view.

      Then the superuser can approve/disapprove records, and for each approvement the next record is displayed. This works really nice. The conversation is held until last record is approved or the user cancels by invoking a method annotated with @End.

      The problem appears when using a converter to map a date object directly to the view. The date is converted and displayed correctly in the input field, but if I write an illegal value that can't be converted to a date, everything breaks because it seams that the conversion is broken.

      The constructer for the Seam component is invoked, so the next view generation breaks because the initialized values are missing.

      Should this happen or am I missing something? Or could it be a bug? I'm using 1.0.1GA in a portlet enviroment.

      Thanks for advice :)