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    @Factory on a Conversational SFSB

    Daniel Young Novice

      Hi all,

      I'm having some problems using @Factory/@DataModel/@DataModelSelection on an SFSB with conversation scope.

      I've done a bit of forum-searching and came across the following comment from Gavin:

      "2) factory methods are called every time a variable is referenced - you can't really 'clear' it "

      I have some questions about this:
      1) If the component that is instantiated by the factory already exists, why should Seam call the factory method again?
      2) In my case, Seam is instantiating a NEW instance of my SFSB to call the factory method, even though one already exists in conversation scope. Is this correct?

      I'm currently looking at a workaround by using a page action instead of @Factory, but I just want to clarify this behaviour.