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    Seam + JSF, problem with double-click

    Gregory Nikle Apprentice

      I have problem with Seam/JSF?
      When I click twice(versy fast) on commandLink or button submit, application falls down.

      Framework dont knot what to do and gives me error:
      "8:19:31,203 ERROR [SeamExceptionFilter] uncaught exception handled by Seam
      javax.servlet.ServletException: /userQuery.xhtml @30,63 rendered="#{userAction.actionFlag}": pl.fargo.expert.business.UserConsole$$EnhancerByCGLIB$$dd4b45ef"

      How can I protect My page or catch those exception?
      When I click on link once or twice but not so fast it works fine!
      I thought about protect submit by JS, but is any other way to resolve this problem?