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    Accessessing Other session contexts from an application scop

    Devon Hillard Novice

      I'm just starting to teach myself seam, so forgive me if this is a silly question, however, the framework that I am most experienced in ATG Dynamo has colored my perspective somewhat.

      Can I gain access to a specific session context in order to resolve a session scoped seam component from an application scope service?

      Here is what I have in mind:

      A user can click on a button and ask to be notified of certain types of messages (not JMS messages). The user is given a temp id, which can be used to route individual messages to the user (think of a instant messaging system within a website, although that's not really the actual issue). I was envisioning a application scope service which would hand out these ids, and record in a map the tempId->user session mapping. Then I'd want the messaging manager (also application scoped) to be able to get a message in, lookup the addressee in the Map, and get a reference to the session scoped message queue component for that user's session, and add the message into a List of that component.

      Is there a slick way to do that using Seam? I don't want to use a database or jms or anything like that. I'm just curious if I can lookup components from another context using a key or something?