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    jbpm as external sar seam configuration

    Vitaly Rudensky Newbie

      I am a newbie in this staff.
      I've got jbpm as external SAR and I need to use it in a seam application.

      Now I am using jbpm this way:

      JbpmConfiguration jbpmConf = (JbpmConfiguration) new InitialContext().lookup("java:/jbpm/JbpmConfiguration");
      JbpmContext jbpmContext = jbpmConf.createJbpmContext();
      GraphSession graphSession = jbpmContext.getGraphSession();
      ProcessDefinition processDefinition =
      ProcessInstance processInstance =
       new ProcessInstance(processDefinition);

      I'd like to use @CreateProcess annotation.

      How should I configure it, to point out Seam using my configuration of jbpm.
      Configuration below is not convenient, because process definition not in the seam application.

      <component class="org.jboss.seam.core.Jbpm">
       <property name="processDefinitions">