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    Need help in how to enable a4j:commandButton via javasript?

    Michail Galvidis Newbie


      I try to render a4j:commandButton with disabled="true" and, later, set this atribute to "false" with javascript.

      Javascript fails to set the attribute properly:
      though the button changes visually (it begins to be possible to push it) but pushing it does not have any effect! :(

      Does anyone know any work around? Is it a bug in the component?

      The usecase we try to solve in this way is following:
      In a page there are a list filter form and a list. In the list filter form the user configures filter conditions and then applies them by pressing the "Apply!" button. Then, the conditions are used to filter the list. The "Apply!" button must by disabled if user has not changed the filter and it must become enabled as soon as user begins changing filter data.

      Thank you for your help in advance!