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    extendedDataTable performance issues

    Aede van der Weij Newbie

      The extendedDataTable harbours really nice features. I need to use it to hide and show columns on (user) demand. Although this works I am experiencing performance issues when using the extendedDataTable.

      The table in question spans 13 columns and has only 5 rows for now (development). Hiding a column is very slow (takes longer than rendering the initial page) and I am holding my breath in case more rows need to be displayed. I noticed that an AJAX call is made and that the response is rather large. Hiding could take place completely on the client side as far as my javascript knowledge reaches.

      Apart from this performance 'problem' other features suffer the same. One (filtering) is also available in the regular dataTable filtering takes 6 times longer.

      This is just for the AJAX request en response (leaving out client side processing). This was measured with Firebug under Firefox 3.0.4

      I am using latest stable RichFaces 3.2.2 in combination with Seam 2.1.0 and made sure the source data is properly scoped (ie not retrieved from database after subsequent AJAX request).

      I've read the notice that in this release the component is in a preview state, but I am hoping that there is anyone out there who managed to tame this performance beast.

      Any help or tips are welcome!