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    @DataModel and @In attribute

    Gregory Nikle Apprentice

      I I've application based on Seam + Facelets and my problem is, how to reload page and reload collection content?

      I've menu component (Statefull bean @DataModel), and content page, also @DataModel collection and global variable selectedCategory;
      Menu: (Treees, Buildings, ...)
      When i Click on trees i want set new value of selectedCategory send it to my SESSION SCOPE, and in content bean pull it, fill my choosenCategory; collection of new variables and reload my page with content of all trees.

      When i choose trees once (first time)
      @In(scope=ScopeType.SESSION, value="currentCategory", required=false)
      private String currentCategory;

      everithink works fine, currentCategory is set by @in attribute and trees are loaded from DB, but if I choose again it doesn't works?

      currentCategory is changed but choosenCategory is not reloaded.

      If i change stateful bean scope.SESSION of collection (TREES) to Conversation it works fine! For each conversation page is realoaded, but it's not good idea.
      I don't want to have xxx convesations.

      What should I do to change my currentCategory and reload content of my