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    Unicode support

    John Weidner Newbie

      I was wanting to test out the Unicode support in the Booking example application. First I wanted to define some hotels with Japanese characters in their name. However, I couldn't figure out how to specify unicode escape sequences in the import.sql file. Is there a way to do that? Second, I tried to enter Japanese characters into the text fields on the Register screen. These characters were not allowed in the username field. They were allowed in the real name field; but when I logged in they were not displayed properly.

      I read the post about solving the form input problem with a phase listener. However, I think the solution should be made in the framework itself. From my experience, you can always get i18n support in an html input field if you define the form as:


      However, the framework would then need to change the code that gets the request parameters from the form. The following link discusses some of the issues related to i18n in web applications: