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    Problems with Eclipse

    Thomas Wilhelmi Newbie


      until now I developed my JSF-Apps with Netbeans. But my Company ist also developing C++ with Eclipse and so I want to use only one IDE.

      I also want to use Richfaces to get Ajax-Support for my JSF-Applications.

      I downloaded than Eclipse Ganymed SR1 (JEE-package), installed it (Java JDK 1.6_11 before) and installed WTP 3.0.3. After the restart after that I added Update-Site http://download.jboss.com/jbosstools/updates/development and installed the JBoss-Tolls. I took this site because I've read that I need this version with Ganymed.

      When I now make a new JBoss-JSF-Project I have a problem with the build.xml. But ths is not so important.

      More important is that I can only select a template without libs when I choose JSF 1.2. And even if I select this in "Project facets" "Javaserver Faces" is not selected. Even "Sun Deployment Descriptor Fiels" is unselected and "Dynamic Web Module" is set to 2.4. And when I try to set this to 2.5 I get an error that this is not possible. Java Version is 6 (Just to remember).

      Even adding the Custom Capabilities in Menu "JBoss Tools" is not possible. This hangs the whole IDE and I have to cancel it.

      All is running on Win XP Prof.

      Any suggestions? If I was to unclear please ask. I really want to use this environment but actually it's totaly useless for me.