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    Seam Page Parameters

    Dave Whittaker Novice

      I have several conversational components that retrieve a List of search results and outject them as DataModels. To make my life easier, I had them all subclass an object with the ability to paginate. To summarize, it basically just keeps track of an offset into the data and a limit (how many results are displayed per page) then I let the DataTable component control the display. To move back and forth there are action methods in the superclass that either add or subtract the limit from the offset. My problem is that because the superclass is generic, it does not know the symbolic view-id to redirect back to the results page and therefore I use:


      As the return. Unfortunately, this method does not cause seam to add the page parameter that I've defined (containing the offset) to the redirect. Is there a reason for this? It binds the offset into the search bean fine on a GET, it just won't add it to the redirect. The documentation states that page parameters are added for redirects to symbolic views that contain the element. Is that the only way they work? Is there a reason that eplicitly specifying a view-id won't work?