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    Seam examples: XHTML issues

    eekboom Newbie

      IntelliJ Idea's support for Seam is getting more and more mature.
      I filed a lot of issues to their Jira and finally in 6.0.2 (EAP) version the seam example sources look quite nice, code completion, navigation, and validation is working, "find usages" understands EL, no bogus warnings...

      I think the remaining warnings in the sources are in fact real (minor) issues with the examples:
      * <h:commandButton> has no attribute called "class" - I think this should be "styleClass".
      * Also "onClick" attribute should be "onclick" (all lowercase).
      * conversations.xhtml in booking example declares
      "<!DOCTYPE composition " but has "div" root tag.
      * for "" tags the "alt" attribute is required.

      Should I file a Jira issue?!