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    Starting a pageflow using s:link with no action binding...

    Shea Phillips Newbie


      I am wondering if it is possible to initiate a pageflow simply using s:link and providing only a pageflow name and a propagation attribute( ie. no action binding).

      The doco indicates shows the example below:

      If the link begins a conversation, you can even specify a pageflow to be used:

      <s:link action=?#{documentEditor.getDocument}? propagation=?begin?

      I want to do the same, but without the action=... bit.

      I currently am experimenting using the following <s:link>:

      <s:link propagation="begin" pageflow="dummyFlow">Dummy Flow</s:link>

      With the following pageflow:

       <transition to="studyList"/>
       <page name="studyList" view-id="/pages/study_list.xhtml" redirect="true">
       <transition name="pick" to="studyDetails"/>
       <transition name="addNewStudy" to="studyCreationForm"/>
       <transition name="done" to="done"/>

      The error I am getting when clicking the s:link-generate link is:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: pageflow has not yet started

      Any thoughts appreciated.