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    Seam components in different jars

    Breako Beats Newbie

      Is it ok to have seam components in different jars?
      I presume to do this all Ineed to do is ensure that each jar has a seam.properties file, this would mean my application would have more than one seam.properties file overall is this ok?

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          Gregory Pierce Newbie

          I have a similar situation, but for some reason my application isn't working and I'm chatting with Gavin about it.

          I can tell you this much though, if you don't have multiple seam.properties it definitely WILL NOT work :)

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            Serg Prasolov Newbie

            I have a similar problem, a component is in the second jar.

            Seam from cvs, JBoss 4.0.5.GA.


            public class LocaleStuff {
             public void select(ValueChangeEvent event) {...}

            lives in add.jar. It is set up similar to jboss-seam.jar in application.xml:

            The add.jar is put into ear file as jboss-seam.jar is.

            The component is used in xhtml file:
             <h:selectOneMenu valueChangeListener="#{localeStuff.select}"
             onchange="submit();" styleClass="smallselect">
             <f:selectItems value="#{localeSelector.supportedLocales}"/>

            But when I access a page, I had:
            /abc.xhtml @40,72 valueChangeListener="#{localeStuff.select}": Target Unreachable, identifier 'localeStuff' resolved to null

            Can components be put into different jars and how to do it correctly?

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              Serg Prasolov Newbie

              A-ha, I put an empty seam.properties file into the add.jar and it works now. Good, but very weird... Should be placed in FAQ?